About Us

At Locals Only, we know there is a better way to connect with fellow travelers through sharing and discovering new experiences. We're betting that you and your friends have reached out to each other asking for tips on what to do, where to eat, and where to go out when you arrive in a foreign destination. We want to help you make the most of your trip and we've found that exploring the world with a little bit of trusted knowledge, can go a long way.

This is why we created Locals Only.

A community of travelers checking-in and posting tips about their favorite places, so you can be in the know before you go. Search any place in the world for the inside scoop from trustworthy accounts you follow, or look at what the entire community is saying. You can also view your friends' profiles to see where they went and what they did. A more interactive, less time-consuming way to browse the best travel spots and tips means you'll be able to see and do more when you travel.

Throughout the history of travel, people have shared their stories with one another. We're excited to bring you Locals Only as a new space to do exactly that. Share your experiences with friends and keep the tradition alive. Most importantly, get out and explore!

Safe Travels,
The Locals Only Team

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