10 Best Islands in Europe

Europe is chock-full of islands that take coastal living to another level. The Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic seas have gifted us with perfect beaches in towns filled with fun, sun, culture, and nightlife.

Ibiza needs little introduction for being an international hotspot for wild nights. But the rest of Ibiza’s glory is often overlooked. They have award winning restaurants like La Torre, a hidden gem high in the cliffs, the perfect place to watch a Mediterranean sunset. They have old towns lined with shops where it’s easy to lose track of time. The island also has an incredible selection of rentable villas with insane views of Ibiza’s rugged coastline. Easily a no doubter on this list.

Perhaps the most well-known island in Greece and for good reason. The island has no shortage of world class restaurants, peaceful beaches, and adventure or relaxation options. The town of Oia has the white and blue buildings built into the cliffside as well as one of the best sunsets in the world. Santorini makes you feel a certain type of way that is hard to describe. 

The Greek island of Ios has something for everyone. From boat tours that will take you to the best beaches on the island, the famous Ios Bar Crawl, hiking in Chora, or sampling local wines, Ios has it all. They also have one of the best and most hidden cliff jumping/hangout spots in Europe, Neverbay.

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This beautiful rocky island off the coast of Naples is one of a kind. You’ll want to rent a boat to have a fun day on the water and to check out the most iconic sea cave in the world, The Blue Grotto. Capri also has an all-star line up of beach clubs with La Fontelina leading the way. With all of the hidden treasures Capri has to offer, this island deserves at least a couple days.

The Spanish island of Mallorca has become well known for its  secret beach coves, limestone mountains and popular nightlife in the city of Palma. Spring and early Fall are the best times to pay a visit because of a limited number of tourists, and good weather. While you’re there check out the La Seu Cathedral, a staple of Mallorca that has become one of Spain’s most celebrated religious sites.

The second largest of the Ionian Islands, Corfu never fell under the oppression of the Ottoman Empire like the rest of Greece. The island is dotted with small unaltered villages where you can feel the presence of a distant glorious past. The rich multi-cultural heritage, stunning backdrops, excellent year round weather, and places like the La Grotta Bar are all reasons that Corfu is experiencing a major uptick in tourism. 

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Almost everyone knows about Mykonos, a famous island and popular destination in Greece attracting locals and foreigners alike since 1960. Cavo Paradiso and Skandinavian Bar lead the way as far as the party scene goes, both located in Mykonos Town. Apart from Mykonos having over 30 beaches, they also have tons of amazing local cuisine options that never disappoint. With its unique architecture, ancient civilizations, and sunshine 300 days a year…what’s not to love. 

The Azores islands are an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean made up of 9 volcanic islands. With one look, it’s clear that Mother Nature blessed this area with natural beauty ready to be explored. The beaches have warm white sand, the hikes are combined with natural lakes and waterfalls, and the people are proud and welcoming of their Azorean culture. A few airlines recently started flying from the US to São Miguel Island of the Azores chain. This led their tourism industry to grow and rapidly evolve making the Azores one of the top trending islands in the world.

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One of the most mesmerizing islands in the world, Hvar is the longest and sunniest island in Croatia. Throughout various historical periods, Hvar has always been important because of its strategic and nautical position. Today, Hvar is an island paradise rich in cultural and historic heritage, unique gastronomy, beautiful beaches and bays, and crystal blue waters. Hvar has celebrated 140 years of organic tourism and a potential number one candidate for your next vacation.

Malta is the largest of the three major islands that constitute the Maltese archipelago. Boasting a laid-back tropical vibe, the island is considered one of the best beach and diving destinations in Europe. What you might not know is that Malta has the highest density of historic sights in the world. Whether you’re a beach-goer, underwater adventurer, or an avid historian, Malta has got you covered. 

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