Our Favorite Cliff Jumping Spots

These are spots for the humans who enjoy jumping or flipping off rocks and cliffs, landing safely into deep water. You won’t find any extreme Red Bull stuff on this list, but you will find 9 of our favorite cliff jumping spots around the world!

Never Bay is one of the most distinctive and elusive bays in all of Greece. A few miles passed Maganari Beach you’ll find Never Bay… if you’re lucky.

You’re going to need an ATV to get here, but that’s half the fun as you will need to do some exploring to find Neverland. The bay is a perfect all day hangout spot with jumps from all over the rocky cove. 

Photo by @lostboysbar

One of the hottest spots in Negril, you can’t miss Rick’s Cafe.  People will jump all day from the famous 35 foot cliff jump in front of a lively crowd of people enjoying tropical cocktails and beautiful weather. It’s easy to lose track of time at Rick’s, but make sure you stay for the sunset. It’s one of the best in Jamaica, and locals will typically stop by and jump from a higher platform and put on a real show.

Photo by @stxkz

An abandoned church 100 feet away from the bay’s entry point has turned into a hot spot for cliff jumpers and sun seekers staying in Oia.

The bay is very accessible and it’s an easy swim out to the 20 foot jump. After you’ve had your fun, It’s just a 5 minute walk to Sunset Amoudi Taverna, a waterfront restaurant with some of the best seafood in Oia.

Photo by @danidazo

Take a legendary day trip out to Ariel’s Point and visit a place that has it all. It boasts white beaches and emerald-blue water, and the high dives are hailed by locals as the best diving spot in the province of Aklan. 

This eco-adventure paradise also has access to snorkel gear, kayaks, boating, Chinese BBQ, and bottomless drink deals (our favorite part).

This jump is not for the light-hearted, and when you’re up there you’ll know why. However it is one of our favorites because of the historic setting and the feeling you get on the way down.

Link up with Mostar Diving, and they will take you on a couple practice jumps before you take on the bridge jump. You might even be greeted with a roaring applause from spectators and leave feeling like a hero. 

Photo by @diegofort13

Ponte Brolla

In Valle Verzasca, you can find a cliff jump spot called Ponte Brolla, where people are quoted to say “every inch of this place is pure magic”.

It’s an off the beaten path destination, but you’ll still probably run into other jumpers. You need to trek through some Mother Nature to get here, but the jumps are a thrill ride waiting to happen and the scene is wicked fun.

The Greek island of Milos has many beaches, but perhaps none as fun as Sarakiniko. The closest you’ll probably ever feel to being on the moon, Sarakiniko’s lunar landscape has multiple jumping points. The turquoise water below is full of arches and explorable cave systems.

This is the most popular beach on the island, but make sure to do some wandering away from the main beach to find the hidden spots without all the crowds.

Photo by @haylsa

The Buza Bar in Dubrovnik is becoming a popular local watering hole for cliffside drinking, but not everyone knows they have more than just beers at Buza Bar.

Follow the signs that read “cold drinks this way”, after you’ve made it to the bar, continue to walk towards the water and you’ll find the cliff jumping spot close to Buza 2 (the sister bar of Buza). The only spot on the list where you can jump into the Adriatic Sea off of castle walls, and then climb up for a few cold ones.

Photo by @gvnf

On the North Shore of Oahu, Waimea Bay is a beautiful beach with an awesome jump rock where you can send it from multiple spots. It’s one of the safest and most accessible jumps on the island, with natural steps leading you to the top and deep landing areas. You can easily spend hours here alternating from laying on the beach to flipping off the rock. 

If you’re heading to Waimea for jumping, it’s best to go during summer months because the waves can get crazy during the winter. 


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