Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only sign up with Instagram?

We know how important your Instagram account is to you. As users, we're connected to and recognized by our Instagram username. We might include email sign up in the future, but for now we've chosen to use Instagram as our login mechanism. This ensures you can reserve your current Instagram username on our platform. Because really, who wants yet another username?

How do I add a place, city, experience, restaurant, etc. to my profile that I can't find on Locals Only?

Our search is integrated with Google, which means that all you have to do is type your favorite place into the search bar. You then categorize it (if you are the first Local here). Then leave your recommendation or say you've been there, and it will appear on your profile.

Why doesn't the place I added show up on the cities or countries page?

It will always appear in your profile and after your submission is reviewed by Locals Only, it may be included for the entire community to see.

What is the function of the Profile Filter?

Let's say you only want to view places you’ve been in Spain. Profile filters allow you to click on Spain and all the cities you’ve been to within that country will be displayed. Click a city (e.g. Barcelona), and all of the experiences, restaurants, and nightlife you’ve been to within that city will be displayed. We also have a back button to easily navigate back through the filter.

What is the function of the Attraction Page Filter?

The Attraction Page Filter works exactly the same as the Profile Filter, but includes an added option between "Following" and "Community".

What's the difference between "Following" and "Community" under the tips section?

"Following" shows you the all the tips left by accounts that you follow. "Community" includes all the tips left by the entire community including those you follow.

How do I find other accounts I want to follow?

You can find anyone by using the search bar and typing their Instagram handle or their name. You can also click "following" or "followers" on someone else's profile and scroll through their accounts.

What do the plus signs do?

The plus signs allow you to quickly add countries, states/islands, cities, and experiences to your profile without having to visit each individual page. You'll see a green box with a plus sign when hovering over the top right corner of experiences, cities, states/islands, and countries.

What is View All?

View All displays a map overview of all the places on our platform under that city, state/island, or country. Double click the map to zoom in.

How do I edit/delete a tip?

Go to your profile and find the specific heading under which you had previously placed that tip. Then click the three dots next to the scroll down bar and click Edit/Delete. The three dots will also allow you to add tips for places you haven't already done so.

Why can I only add one tip per place?

You can always edit your original tip if you choose to, but we want to avoid the same person leaving an absurd amount of tips on the same page. In the near future, you will also be able to initiate a comment thread from someone else's recommendation.

Why can't I unclick the red pin?

If you have left a tip then you must first delete your tip which will then enable you to unclick the pin.

Why is there a 300 character limit on each of my tips?

The reason for this is people on the go have limited time. The 300 character limit means the community will get your recommendations in a clear and concise way. We have faith that you can provide your inside scoop in 300 characters or less!

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